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Technical Specifications:


3 x 1800mW RGB Analogue Diode Laser.

Red Diode:        Red 638 nm      - >450mW

Green Diode:    Green 520 nm  - >140 mW

Blue Diode:       Blue 450 nm     - >1100 mW

Scanner Rate:   25K

By using our custom-build 1320mw RGB Laser and a Computer Based Control Interface, we are able to display an impressive selection of graphics and animations, including custom logos, text, or any other basic shape that you request. Some of our recent work includes text and image projection for the 2013 Feature Film "The Powder Room".






Grapevine Audio's three custom-built 1800mW lasers. We can provide up to 3 of these units that can run in a symmetrical arrangement.


These lasers have higher power diodes and can be used to produce stunning atmospherics, including beams, tunnels and waves.





Graphics and Animations Laser

Atmospheric Lasers

Stage Laser Small Grapevine Audio RGB Laser Grapevine Audio Grapevine Audio Powder Room Commission Grapevine Audio Building Laser Projection

Technical Specifications:


1 x 1320mW RGB Analogue Diode Laser.

Red Diode:        Red 637 nm      - 120mW

Green Diode:    Green 532 nm  - 200 mW

Blue Diode:       Blue 450 nm     - 1000 mW

Scanner Rate:   30K

Laser Design

Grapevine audio are able to provide a number of high power RGB Laser Projectors, cable of  both full animation and text projection as well as beam atmospherics. For full details please take a look below, and if you do have any special requirements then please do let us know.

Prices from £200

Prices from £200